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About us

by Joëlle Terrien

Passion for cooking & eating

Hi, we are Elisabeth and Joëlle. As you may have noticed, we are mother and daughter and enthusiastic cooks with a passion for beautiful things. We have always been connected by our creative streak and the passion for tasteful and innovative food.

After a repeated, sensational Christmas dinner in 2017, we decided to put our creative energy into a food blog and inspire other people with our recipes and ideas. Elisabeth brings a lot of experience in the field of cooking and decorating as she worked a lot of years as a pastry chef, whereby Joëlle has dedicated herself to online marketing and photography.
The love for cooking and decorating has long been anchored in our family. With my dad as cook and Elisabeth as a pastry chef, I was born into an environment of creativity and cooking.

Our recipes should encourage you to cooking experiments and true joy of plating your dishes. We show how to create a true firework of taste with little effort and how to create an appealing plate in a few simple steps. We attach great importance to seasonal and local products. If we use meat or fish, it’s important to us that all parts of the animal are used in some way.

We hope to inspire you with our recipes and are happy to welcome you on our blog.

Elisabeth & Joëlle