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Kale-Sesame Condiment

by Joëlle Terrien

This is a spice allround talent that you can use in so many ways. For salads, as seasoning for puff pastries or on a pizza.

The Kale-Sesame Condiment is salty, crispy and has this special earthy taste. You can use it in so many ways. Here you will find 2 recipes, where we used it to spice up the dish.

We have a lot of kale in our garden so we needed to use it for all kind of recipes. Here you will find one ofthose, that you can even us in winter. It’s really easy to make and you just need 6 different ingredients. Weigh up all ingredients and preheat the oven to 140 degrees.

Wash the kale, cut off the stalks and cut them into small peaces. Then it’s really important to massage a little bit of olive oil into the leaves, that they get soft. Spread them on the baking tray and put them for 25 minutes into the oven. When they are crunchy and dry take them out and let them cool down. 

Mix all the ingredients and put them into a mortar to grind. When you have a salty consistancy you can put it into a jar and use it for so many nice dishes. 

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